Welcome to NoxLogic Software Solutions

NoxLogic is the company of Joshua Thijssen – a freelance developer, consultant and trainer. His work consists of maintaining code bases, working on different projects and helping other to achieve higher standards in both coding and thinking. Besides working on various projects in various languages, he is also a regular speaker on both national and international conferences.

NoxLogic provide services on a broad range of disciplines, including software development, system administration, consultancy and training. For more information can be found in the menu on top of the page.

Broad range of web related expertise:

We provide training and consultancy in many different areas like:

  • Framework implementation and training
    (Frameworks like Symfony2/3/4, Zend Framework and Laravel)
  • Team lead / Certified Scrum Master / Agile Coaching
  • MySQL Database design & optimization.
    (Schema optimization – Database tuning)
  • NoSQL and Search solutions
    (Solr – Elasticsearch – CouchDB – MongoDB) 
  • High traffic implementations and optimizations.
    (Varnish – Nginx etc)
  • Review and security audits on existing web-projects.
  • Advice & implementation on hosting & infrastructure.
    (AWS – Kubernetes – Puppet – Deployment – Maintenance – Monitoring)
  • Training and consultancy on broad range of subjects.


Certified experience:

We believe in the fact that the only way to stay at the top in the web/IT world is to keep up with the latest technologies. We achieve this by educating not only others (through training, conference speaking and workshops), but also ourselves. What a great way it is to “treat” yourself with all that effort with passing examinations and achieving a certified status. As a bonus result: we can provide to our (potential) customers the proof that you need to know for sure that we are – in fact – at the top of our game.

Ranging from broad PHP development to in-depth Framework knowledge, and from certified scrum mastering to in-depth linux and system infrastructure knowledge: we’ve got it covered through hard study, real life implementations, examinations and certifications.

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