Development is like most things in life: the pros will make it look easy. But it really isn’t. Estimations, bug fixing, scope changes, backward compatibilities to name a few of these problems developers face every day and without the correct mentality from project managers on the one side, and operations on the other, development of software can become at least – problematic.

There is absolutely no reason for this. Most profitable companies don’t make their developers run on 110% all the time: they have found a balance between getting things done fast and getting things done the correct way. But as always: getting this process right takes time, knowledge and effort.

NoxLogic can provide you with the tools and knowledge you need for your development team to work as efficient as possible. Not only as a hands-on force inside your development-team, or as a team-lead, but also as a provider of new methodologies which makes development more efficient.

Even though we are pretty much language-agnostic, our specialties are PHP and C. Development in other languages like Python, Perl or Java/Android are possible.

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